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1942 -  2005

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Danny Drennen, age 63, a long-time Northern Knights club member, lost his battle with cancer and died Tuesday, October 25, 2005, at his home.  Danny was dedicated to his loves in life, notably his wife Carol, his family, and aircraft modeling.  Danny was a generous and positive person, and not known to say a bad comment or to discredit anyone.  He was considered as one of the area pioneers of electric model flight, having the foresight to see ahead to an area of the hobby that is emerging with increasing popularity.


Danny was well-liked and always willing to lend a hand to anyone, or help out at the field.  Danny helped shingle the roof of the original shelter house.  Bill Creswell relates a story about Friday night combat when he was trailing the other combatants because he didn’t have a pit crew.  Danny  showed up at the field, asked Bill if he needed help, became his pit crew and Bill ended up winning that nights event.


My outstanding memory did not have such a happy ending.  I arrived at the field and Danny was flying an electric, in which that morning he had installed a new, more powerful motor.  He invited me to fly the plane, so I took the box and began flying the plane conservatively around the sky.  Danny said “go ahead, open it up and see what it will do”.  So, I put the plane in a large high speed loop and on the downside the wings folded in half.  Danny laughed and said “that's okay, I have another set of wings at home”


Another good memory is the ham, beans and cornbread he always brought to be shared by the club at the annual “Frozen Thumb Fly”.


He will be greatly missed by many.


Submitted by

Dwayne Thomas


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