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Duane Grigsby
26 March  2007

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Long time Northern Knight Duane Grigsby passed away March 26th after a short battle with cancer. Those of us who knew Duane will without a doubt be better for it.  Duane didnít do a lot of flying in the last couple of years and yet whenever we had an event you could bet Duane would be there, and if food was involved he would always bring one of Graceís pies or cobblers and they were always very good.  Duane used to always come to the field on training night and if nothing else we would just sit and shoot the breeze for a while. Duane could always be counted on for the mall shows and always came out to shows away from the field and would talk to anyone who wanted information about the club.  At one point Duane held office in the knights and I would always appreciate any input from him or any of the other long time knights.  Duane will be missed. 

                                                        Rick McQuerrey


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