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 Floyd C. Craig, Jr.  
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In Memory of:
Floyd C. Craig, Jr. 
Floyd died June 2,2002 as a result of a massive stroke.  Floyd’s interest in model airplanes goes back many years, beginning with control line.  His entry into radio controlled model aircraft began in the mid-nineties and he became almost a fixture at the field, flying mostly during the weekdays, but observing, making friends, and giving advice on the weekends.  Floyd displayed a slow, laid-back attitude, and liked to rest a lot between flights.  He was well liked by everyone and willing to help whenever anyone had an engine problem.  Floyd was an avid fisherman and told many exciting stories of his fishing adventures.  During the sixties, his name and feats of skill were well known in the drag-racing world and at one time he held three world drag-racing records for his class.  Floyd will be greatly missed by us all and we pray his wind will always be from the South.

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