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James R. Stocker II
8 Nov 1947 - 1 Feb 2005
AMA number 101170

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In Memory of Jim Stocker


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Jim with is at Clinton July 2004
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Jim Flying at the 2005 Frozen Thumb fly.

My Association with the Northern Knights MAC is 17 years.  I did not know Jim Stocker before joining the club.  Looking back, I am not sure when or how we became friends,  I can only tell you we have logged a lot of hours together traveling to modeling events.  I have been with Jim to Vegas at least six times, Oshkosh, and Toledo.  There were always the shorter trips to the lake, Springfield, and Clinton.  Jim loved traveling and traveling to flying events were extra special.

The KC Chiefs were another love of Stocker’s and in the fall, any traveling or events had to be planned around the Chiefs Home Schedule.

Jim liked the older airplanes and motors.  He had a particular soft spot for the Senior Falcon.  When I had the idea of making a Senior Falcon 4 motor, Jim jumped right in helping me redesign the wing then building two planes, one for each of us.  Jim put old, open rocker, four stroke engines on his.  As far as I know, no one else is using these old motors to fly an airplane today.

Jim also enjoyed “float flying” off the lake and night flying.  Jim’s latest project was a Senior Falcon with lights to night fly with.

Every New Years Day, the club always has a fly-in regardless of the weather.  Every year Jim had a big pot of chili for all to enjoy.

Jim wasn’t the best pilot of the bunch, but he certainly was not the worst.  He didn’t let the better pilots intimidate him nor did he belittle pilots worse than him.  Jim loved to fly and always had fun flying no mater what.

By Gary Himes

Jim and I have known each other for more years than I can count and I’ve always been proud to call him my friend. 

While I was away traveling the world in the Air Force for 22 years, Jim and my Dad became pretty close.  Whenever Dad needed a hand with anything that a son would normally help with, Jim stood in for me, and I appreciate that.  A while back Jim told me that my Dad really missed me not bring around for all those years.  At the time it kind of hurt my feelings but, I have come to understand and appreciate that with most of my son’s grown up and moved away, I do still have one of my four at home, but I fear for not much longer. 

Dad, Gary, Jim and I enjoyed special times together, with many trips to Las Vegas for the Tournament of Champions together.  We all enjoyed the company and hot tubs that Jim always provided at his time share. Jim always seemed to enjoy life, and could truly laugh with the best of ‘em.  Jim will be missed by many.

                                                       Randy Cameron

A crew enjoying Jim's chili at the 1999 Frozen Thumb fly.

Jim doing what came natural to him, pitching in and helping... 
Fall 2003

TOC 2003

Hot tub in Vegas @ Circus-Circus Manor

1999 TOC If I remember irght.




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