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Walter Dennis Hulen
7 Feb 1927 - 5 Jul 2008

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In Memory of Walter Dennis Hulen

Our good friend Walt was born on February 7, 1927, and left us on July 5, 2008.  Walt was always interested in model aircraft being involved in free flight and control line at an early age.  Walt was one the founding members of the Northern Knights M.A.C. in about 1965.  He began flying RC, as did many of us back then flying single channel., rudder only flight.  If you talked to Walt back then he would tell you about his controlaire mule single button transmitter, his superhetrodyne receiver and what escapement he was using.  Don't forget to wind the rubber band on the escapement!  Walt was truly a master builder of model planes.  He loved to build and built models till the day he left us.  I can't recall ever seeing Walt fly and ARF.  As time went on he began flying early proportional equipment.  Flight became a bit easier, more controllable and more reliable.  Even so, fly-a-ways were still a concern.  Walt could never resist a bargain.  Truly a bargain hunter  he was.  His generosity ran deep; he would always share with his friends the bargains he had found.  He always loved flying just 3 channels, no matter how fancy or sophisticated the equipment became.  Even so his ability as an RC pilot was quite impressive.  Walt leaves an empty spot in out club, and in our hearts, but never doubt he will long be remembered as an exceptional builder, flyer, friend and Northern Knights Member.

                                                                            Respectfully; Ed Morrow & Mike Coyne