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    This prestigious and very attractive award, presented by Jim Franklin (left) is named after Phil Farmer (right) for his outstanding ability as a plower. The plaque reads as follows:  "Phil Farmer New Millennium Plowing Award for Best and Frequent crashes".  
    The Plow award is a GREAT Northern Knights honor to win.  It seems that the long lived Leo Award (not pictured) is being retired.  The Plow award will be presented monthly to only the most deserving Knight.  We will try and maintain a record here on the web site of the monthly recipient of the Plow award.  
    Do you have to be a Farmer to earn the Plow award?  The answer to that question remains to be seen.  
    The first recipient of the Plow award goes to Jim Forrester for a mid air and an uncontrollable flat spin in the same weekend.
November 2002 Greg Golden & Dale Beck
When hand launching the witch don't turn off the switch!
October 2002        Duane Grigsby
September 2002      Don Willetts
When flying inverted up is really down!
August 2002         Darin Willard
July 2002         Gary Himes
When low-n-slow and motor dies DON'T TURN!
June 2002          Kerry Moten
Look out for that solar panel!!
May 2002            Mark Nuetzmann
April 2002

         Jim Stocker
Found out wing struts were functional on a Decathlon

March 2002           Gary Watts 
F14 crash
February 2002 Greg Golden
January 2002        Dale Beck
For his vital contribution to the first mid-air of the year
December 2001 Keri McQuerrey
Undeserved, just a rough landing that broke gear out
November 2001 Gary Himes
During the last round of Musical Chairs Gary couldn't make it to the runway thru the trees.  (However he was the first one down).
October 2001 Doug Dowling
Radio glitch on a 35% scale (OUCH)
September 2001 Rick Ellis
Something about landing with more than one peice.
August 2001 Michael Berardelli
Dumb thumbing his brand new birthday present
July 2001 Dennis Collins
Failed aileron causing extreme flutter and crash
June 2001 Danny Williamson
Knife edge stall while 10 feet off the deck.
May 2001 Bill Creswell
Allowing student to crash while on buddy box. 
April 2001 Bill Creswell
Lost motor while inverted (was doing a snap on take off).
March 2001 John Dragivich
Careful what you wish for (or NOT) out loud.  Awarded for dumb thumbing an Ultrasport .40 into the ground.  From what I understand, not much was left.
Feb 2001 Charlie Schroeder
A Quote from Charlie after crashing two planes in one day "I fly as much as all the rest of the club put together, it's going to happen!"  Note how many times Charlie has received the Plow award.  Might have to rename it the  "Schroeder Award"
Jan 2001 Gary Himes and W.R Crane 
Sharing the award for a combat mid-air?  I thought that is what you were supposed to do during combat!  Does something stink in here?
Dec 2000 Floyd Craig
Nov 2000 Phil Farmer
???For crashing a high performance Gentle Lady???
Oct 2000 Jim Franklin
Sep 2000 Charlie Schroeder
Aug 2000 Dave Seuferling
July 2000 Jim Stocker
I know that really hurt
June 2000 Charlie Schroeder
May 2000 Danny Williamson
April 2000 Phil Farmer
March 2000 Jim Forrester


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