President – Mike Coyne

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio till the age of 16 when our family was moved to Kansas City.  Like nearly all of you, I started out building plastic model planes, then started building .049 control line planes.  Upon starting my sophomore year at North Kansas City high school I met a new friend Jim Franklin who got me started in single channel R/C planes and the just organized Northern Knights.  Shortly after graduation I became interested in classic cars and model planes took a back seat.  I ran with a 55-57 Chevy club for many years till I found Ron Carroll who re-introduced me to radio control and The Northern Knights MAC in 2003.  My interests are mainly sport flying and building both fuel and electric planes.  I have been retired for 8 years from the television repair industry and have served as a Boy Scout leader for 30 years.  Still have my Chevys, however now they have taken a back seat to R/C.  What goes around comes around.

Mike has also written a history of the Knights.

Vice President – Todd Richards

My introduction to model aviation was through my dad.  He was in the Navy for 25 years working as an electrician on everything from the F-4 Phantom to the PBY Catalina.  His main interest was in control line (flying on the deck of the aircraft carrier) but later ventured into RC.  I had always been fascinated by aviation in general and he nurtured that interest in my youth.  I enjoy sport flying, scale, 3D, fpv, soaring… but I would have to say that I get the most enjoyment from biplanes – be it profiles, scale, or 3D flying, I just love biplanes.  When I am not flying I enjoy motorcycles and travel with my wife.  I have been a member of this club since 2016, so I feel I am still a newbie.  Which is why I ask myself quite often “how did I end up in this position?”.


Treasure – Walter Beringer

My wife and I began flying RC airplanes and joined the club in 2013. Everything electric from Ultra-micro quads and gliders to Giant Scale aerobatic, we have accumulated more than 30 airplanes, helis and multi-rotors between us. I prefer assembling ARF’s over building, and always maintain plenty on the work bench for repair. I also fly single engine planes, but the hobby is a much cheaper alternative to flying full-scale, and easier to walk to the scene of the crash, than from it. Professionally, I work on large electric motors…. up to 40,000HP, and have found doing gas to electric conversions one of the most interesting aspects of this hobby.

Secretary – Mark Boggs

Safety Officer – Randy Allman

I first started with the control line planes. That didn’t seem like much fun to me making a plane go up and down in a circle so I went to the Cox Dune Buggy until I wore that out. Then my interest changed to horses until about five years ago I wanted something that I could do year round. I went with Model RC. Joined the AMA, then the Kansas City Knights in the middle of 2015. I like to fly electric because they are not as time consuming as the fuel models. I build and buy several planes from all over the web. To me this is such a relaxing hobby. You are never in a hurry unless the flite timer goes off telling you that it is time to land. I am still into horses thou I only have one now and I also DJ and do Karaoke from time to time.

AMA District VI Vice President – Gary Himes


Like lots of us, I started flying in the mid 60’s with u-control models. I had a Wen Mac plastic WW2 plane and a Cox sport plane.  These were built out of early plastics and did not last very long.  Money not being readily available, I found out I could make airplanes using just a sheet of balsa for the wing and tail parts and make a fuse out of spruce sticks and attach a Cox .049 motor and walla…hours of fun.  I got involved in rc in the late 80’s then joining the Northern Knights!  

Gary has also written an article from 1992 with a wealth of Knights history.



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The address of the field is:

NE 96th St just east of Reinking Rd
Kansas City, MO 64157

and look for the sign on the right as you drive east on NE 96th Street.  We are just past the sport fields. 

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